About us

This is our story, Our adventure and how we found our passion for the African Bush 


CAROK Tours started out as a 30 year family passion for the African bush and more specifically the Kruger National Park and its surrounding areas.

Five years ago a small Facebook group that was started as a way of showing new visitors as well as seasoned travelers all the beauties inside the Kruger National  Park and allowing everyone to gain knowledge and to see this incredible reserve through our eyes, and allow everyone to be part of this magnificent place. 

On this journey we have become one of the largest groups focused on the African bush veld and take pride in showing guests from all over the world the beauty that lies within her boundaries. 

South Africa is a be beautiful country with so many diverse cultures, incredible people, breathtaking landscapes and of course, the Big 5.

Let us start your Adventure! 


Spanning a career of 18 years working in around game reserves, lodges and hotels we have an absolute passion for hospitality as well as the South African bush, But most of all we have a passion for South Africa itself.

Her passion her people and her energy is the reason we showcase South Africa in a very real way, by letting you be immersed in our culture, meet our people, taste our food and enjoy our nature.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to showcase and let you see South Africa through our eyes, to feel our passion, to hear our story and to be part of our journey. 

Join us for nights around the fire, being amazed by the scenery, watching the glow of South African sunsets, listening to the African story, being a part of it, finding peace, watching animals, getting connected with nature and each other and having an unforgettable time.